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Pour Over

Before you proceed with this guide, we recommend you take a quick look at The Basics blog post, which covers the essentials for all brewing methods.

Pour Over Guide

Here are steps to brew one 12 ounce cup of coffee using the pour over method.

Step 1 - Weigh the coffee. We like to use a 1:16 ratio. 12 ounces of water is approximately 350 grams. Therefore, we will weigh 22 grams of whole bean coffee.

Step 2 - Grind the coffee. We recommend a medium to medium-fine grind for a cone-shaped pour over.

Step 3 - Using an electric kettle, heat the water to 200°. 

Step 4 - Place the mug and dripper on the scale. Place the filter in the dripper and place the dripper over your mug. Wet the filter. Pour the ground beans into the filter and tare the scale.

Step 5 - Make your first pour. The first pour should just cover the beans. Wait around 30 second.

Step 6 - Using a slow circular motion, continue pouring water into the scale hits 350 grams. Wait around 1 minute so that the water can finish dripping into the mug.

Step 7 - Enjoy!