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Coffee Talk with Ben Epstein

Interview by Jamison Harvey
1. Name/ Location/ What You Do:
Ben Epstein aka Professor Shorthair. New Orleans. Business Owner (NOLA Mix Records and Superjock Records). 


2. Tell us about how you got into music and what led you to eventually DJ and open up a record store/ start a label.

I grew up with all types of music around me, whether it be from my parents record collection or my Grandmother who was a Music Therapist. I started out playing drums in various bands throughout Elementary School and then at age 12, I joined an organization called Rock Against Racism that focused on Breakdancing and Graffiti in the Boston area.  From my love of Hip-Hop, I dug into as many samples as I could find and started collecting records, DJing and Producing in 1993. I DJ’d and produced tracks with a few bands including P.O.E., B-Side and III Kings. When I moved to New Orleans from Boston in 2008, I started a youth program called NOLA Mix that focuses on DJing and Beat Making in Community Centers and High Schools. Because of my love for vinyl and teaching the youth about DJ culture, I opened up a record store called NOLA Mix Records in 2015. One year prior, I started the label called Superjock Records that was a vehicle for me to release my own New Orleans Funk remixes but has since expanded to include bands such as Kumasi, Shark Attack, Computa Games and more…

3. Influences

My influences include Eddie Hazel, DJ Spinna, Sade, The Meters and so many more…

4. What's your relationship to coffee?  How do you prepare it?  What's your go-to spot?

I love coffee. It makes me happy and something that perks me up (pun intended). I wish I could say I know the ins and outs of making a great cup of coffee but I usually start off with a brand I like and brew it on my trusty Mr. Coffee. My go-to spot is Mojo Coffee House which is a few doors down from my shop but is the best coffee in New Orleans in my opinion. 

5. We think coffee and records go hand in hand, tell us your opinions on that and your opinion on how it fuels the creative process.

I definitely enjoy a cup of coffee when I’m either listening to a record or working on production. Like a record, coffee warms me up and gives me a boost. 

6. What did you do during the pandemic non-music related, did you learn any new hobbies/ interests?

During the pandemic I helped to teach my daughter how to ride a bike, ate very well (maybe too well) and got to catch up on some reading and music making. It was a scary time, and continues to be unsettling but it has also allowed me to step back from everything and appreciate the important things in life.

7. Tell us about Superjock Records. 

Running Superjock Records has been a great experience. Getting to put out records with artists such as Quickie Mart, DJ Platurn, The Allergies, Dan Ubick, Bootie Brown and more has been such a blessing. The over all goal is put out vinyl that heads will love and hopefully spin out if you’re a DJ. I’m not trying to get rich in any fashion but to just keep doing it…

8. Last words, anything you want.

Please pick up our latest release, “All Night” by Connie Price & The Keystones ft. Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde. It’s a limited edition 7” record that can be bought on the Superjock Records Bandcamp page, and Juno Records in the UK. Peace!