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The Basics

This post includes some basic essentials we recommend for all brewing methods. We recommend you read this post before checking out our specific brew guides.


No matter your choice of brewing method there are a couple of key pieces of equipment that will help you reach the optimal flavor profile of your coffee and achieve it consistently.

1) Grinder

We highly recommend a burr grinder. It will help you achieve a consistent grind that is very hard to achieve with a blade grinder. A blade grinder will chop some of the beans more finely than others. A burr grinder also allows you to change the grind setting, to achieve the proper coarseness depending on your brew method.

2) Scale

While this may seem like you are geeking out too much for a simple cup of coffee, a relatively cheap simple scale will allow you to consistently measure your coffee. No more guessing how much to use.


Freshness rules here. Old stale coffee loses its flavor over time. It is best to buy whole beans and use them within a few weeks. Additionally, it is ideal to grind your coffee immediately before preparing your cup. Coffee loses flavor quickly after it is ground due to oxidation. Grinding your coffee will cause it start losing its flavors faster through oxidation.


Often overlooked, but very important. The water you use can affect the taste of your coffee. If your tap water has a bad taste or odor, consider using a filter or bottled water.